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Thread: Vater super jazz drum sticks.

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    Default Vater super jazz drum sticks.

    I went to GC today and bought a pair of vater super jazz sticks. They are 16" long and light. They work very well on the ride for jazz and they came recommended. Now need to work on some five and six stroke rolls for fills.

    Keep drumming

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    Did you get the regular hickory ones or the sugar maples?

    After exclusively playing VicFirth SD4 Combos for over a decade I bought 5 different pairs of Vater sugar maple sticks the other day ranging from the super jazz, 7A, sweet ride and a couple others.

    So far I've only really played the 7A's but I'm definitely liking the longer sticks. The 7A's are an 1/8" longer than the SD4's, which is actually making a big difference for me. I'm surprised about the tone between the two as well. I bet the VF's are a whole step lower in pitch on the rides compared to the 7A's.

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    Default Re: Vater super jazz drum sticks.

    regular hickory.

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