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    I couldn't believe it when I stumbled onto this crazy site. I didn't know Billy Joel used to play in an Acid rock band. Good career move changing his style.

    But yeah this site has like over 500 hundred rare albums everything from bands like Atomic Rooster-deep purple clone band to blistering Tijuana blues rock! There's even a Japanese black sabbath type band off in here if you look for it.
    Check it out and if you don't like a band well throw that crap down and grab another!Trust me if you like evil 70s acid blues rock your gonna find something you'll like off in here. Just gotta go dig it up.

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    Wait! I have the Atomic Rooster album! With Carl Palmer, I think.
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    Very cool! Thanks for the link.

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    "I'm on a Mexican oh whoo radio!"

    I don't know what their saying but they sure as H@!! are getting after it!~

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