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Thread: Recording in a conservatory?

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    My kit is literally set up in a glass box, with a tiled floor. It's on a piece of carpet I cut down, but I'm not sure if the acoustics are terrible in the room because I've never set them up in a carpeted room. Our dining table is in the same room so I can't exactly change it much because it's where we eat and my parents don't want me to smother it with bass traps and acoustic panels. My question is whether it's even worth trying to record there. I've never recorded my drums before, and I'm not really bothered how dead or lively they sound when recorded as long as it sounds decent. I can get my hands on some decent microphones. That's not an issue. It's just whether it's even worth doing.

    Thanks for any info

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    it should sound good if the room is designed as a performance space

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