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Thread: Trying Grover snare wires

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    I found a set of Grover Jazz bright wires for cheap so I'm going to give them a try. Until they arrive in the mail, thought I'd ask you guys what you think if you have tried some? The one good Youtube video by some chinese (?) member shows quite a contrast in volume between the three weights. I'm curious how good the Jazz snares will be for anything that's not ultra quiet? Nobody I've seen on Youtube clips whacks them hard... I do want to brighten up my wood snare some but not if it sacrifices volume!
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    This is not going to be very helpful, but I have a set of Grovers on a cheap snare that sound really good. The only problem is that I forget which ones I got. It was years ago, when there were only three types. I leave that snare at a rehearsal place and I'll see it tomorrow. I'll take a picture and see if I can tell which it is.
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    If you look at the Grover site, it says the jazz one is for thinner drums, like less than 5". They also have a chart that shows volume versus sensitivity. The jazz wires are lowest volume and highest sensitivity.

    I looked at mine and I cannot tell if they are the club thickness or the stadium thickness from the photos. I'm super curious and I'll probably contact Grover and get the wire gauge specs and measure the diameter of mine. Just for fun.

    They do have a different sound than the spiral wires. I'm thinking about putting them on my Rogers Powertone to see how they sound. Also I have my eye on the symphonic ones, but for $60? Yikes.
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