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Thread: New sticks for practice only.

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    I went to GC tonight looking for a good pair of practice sticks. The sales guy that help me recommended promark 5B select balance. He said they would help me with my power and speed on the practice pad. Am also going to try them on a pillow to see if that helps to. Oh and I have been practicing everynight for 30 mins. on the pad using my stick control book. I am also keeping a record of my practice. Maybe these sticks will help improve my drumming some.

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    After a very long relationship with Vater, I've made the switch to the Promark Select Balance sticks. These are some great sticks. I use the Forward 5A .565 Diameter sticks for regular playing and the Rebound 55A .580 Diameter sticks for practice. The 55A sits in between the 5A and 5B sticks and the Rebound profile makes it seem less heavy and more balanced. I also use them for un-miced gigs when I need a little more volume than the 5A gives me.

    Sounds like you have a focused practice regime together and you're serious about monitoring your progress. Good for you!

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    Awesome to see you so focused. The new sticks may help, but it's your commitment to practice and hard work that are the key. Keep it up!

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