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    For all you fellas up there in winter wonderland...Seriously...Wouldn't you rather be here?


    all the best...

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    Nah I used to live in Florida but moved back up here to MA. As long as you plan ahead and have supplies on hand, it's like getting vacation days courtesy Mother Nature.

    That and the cold kills all the bugs.

    The Caribbean does have its own beauty, but it just isn't my home.
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    We are going up to 76 today and the mid-50's for the rest of the week.

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    Well it is snowing big time here today. We are expecting 13 inches of the white stuff. I just hope this is it for the Winter snow cause I am sick of it lol. Bahama probably looks good for me today but it will phase out once I get the snow removed. Suppose to warm up this week and the snow will start to melt. Where's the shout box
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