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Thread: My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

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    Default My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

    So I finally decided it was time to put my cymbal tree together at our new house.
    Sometime in the near future I really hope to build a music room in the basement and finish it off.

    Anyway here's my Istanbul and Bosphorus cymbals.
    I originally went to school to study Jazz and Cuban and these cymbals were what dreams are made of...
    then I joined a metal band in college and broke one and died inside...
    so I bought a full new assortment of Sabian cymbals and these have been sitting since (10+ years now)

    I just thought to myself... i should buy just one more small jazz kit... and then I slapped myself haha

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    Default Re: My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

    You are a pack rat, my friend..... but a damned organized one !

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    Default Re: My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

    Nice! Someday I hope to have a cymbal tree! Right now I have 1 scrawny branch lol
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    Default Re: My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

    That's cool Zack! I had my eye on a few of these type of display stands at my local music store and thought, "How cool would it be to have one?" but I'd loose too much floor space in my garage if I had a display stand for every line of cymbals I use. Every inch of real-estate on my garage floor where the kit is set up has something on it to take up floor space.

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    Default Re: My Istanbul/Bosphorus cymbal tree

    Nice! I had no idea you were originally into Cuban. One of my drum teachers was really into that. I learned a lot from him. More than any teacher I've had.
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