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Thread: Great unique drum covers.

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    Default Great unique drum covers.

    Ya know how every now and then you run across a great, inspiring, unique drum cover? Well I thought it would be cool to have a thread devoted to it. Not sure there should be any rules to it but I would like to keep it to unprofessional types, Atleast none of the big names that we would all recognize. So to start it off I found this the other day and love it, I really like how he makes so many different sounds and just about covers em all and the right foot is really impressive.

    Sonor Essential Force Birch

    Mapex Meridian Maple

    Zildjian K Cymbals

    Decide whether this is love for the craft or simply an ego thing. NOT MY BAND, JUST A GREAT LOCAL BAND WHO SHOULD BE SOOO MUCH BIGGER IMO

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    Default Re: Great unique drum covers.

    awesome work!! So much groove and feel in your playing. Great job!
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