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Thread: Unusual Hi-Hat Combinations

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    I was just sitting behind my kit and thought about using crash cymbals for hi-hats. At first I tried a couple of old Sabian 16" crashes but finally decided I mostly liked the sound of a pair of old Pearl hats (14") with a Sabian Pro Sonix 16" crash (bell down) in the middle. It's quite a trashy sound but it's easy to get a chick out of it from just hitting the top hat and not striking the crash in the middle.

    What are some of your unusual hi-hat combos?

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    I once put a china on the bottom and a crash on top of it. So it never really closed but it was a strange stack sound that was adjustable from tight to loose on the fly. So I never kept the stack "open" like a hi=hat but had the capability of using the pedal to make the sound tighter
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    I have a pair of 16" Sabian B8 crashes that I use as hats. Heavy Rock for the bottom and medium crash for the top. They actually sound really great as hats. Great stick feel as well, but the heavy weight of the top makes them less responsive on the foot pedal. They'd be great for metal.

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    I've tried using vintage Zildjian A 19" Rock Crash as the bottom cymbal and vintage Zildjian A 19" med crash as the top cymbal and it was a total fail. Next try was 16" Zildjian K custom dark crash on bottom and Zildjian 16" A Custom crash on top and it was just "so so". Not enough attack or crisp "chick" when doing 1/4 notes on the hihat pedal to keep time. I went back to standard hihat set up where I'm using real hats and I have 13" 14" and 15" sizes to choose from.

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    The Meinl Benny Greb Trash Hats are more unusual... 12" splash over a 14" china.
    Also the various effect hi-hats with holes in them (Istanbul Xist Ion, Paiste PST X.)
    I've tried 20" rides as hats, and various crashes as well. Some work, some don't.

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