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    The Hubcaps. 'can't change things'. Slow blues. The drums were recorded first, without any music. The 'brief' I asked Graham to work to was....think of working to some kind of song structure, include some articulated parts and aim for 3:30 long.

    Everything else was written and recorded to fit the pre-recorded drums.

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    Thanks to all those who have watched and had a listen.
    We are working on a couple of other tunes recorded 'drums first', one is fast and funky, the other is a shuffle-deluxe.
    I will post them on completion.

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    I used to do that back in the 70's and 80's. I would have the song written and record the drum track first, then add keyboards, bass, guitar, and whatever else was called for. Now I usually track live drums last after all the other instruments are recorded to a basic midi drum track.
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