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Thread: Sabian AAX crashes: My experience

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    16" AAX recording crash: a beautiful medium pitched crash. Pretty thin and a very dampened raw bell. Blends very nicely with my Wuhan splashes. Has a nice long sustain.

    18" AAX xplosion crash: Very loud and takes very little effort to open up. High pitched bell, and is the perfect match with the recording crash. Not too much of a contrast in pitch. As most of you know I had an issue with the warranty of this cymbal. Long story short, I got the 16" Xplosion for free.

    16" AAX Xplosion crash: claaaang! I don't really hear the cymbal open up. At least not as easy as the recording crash or the 18" Xplosion. Pretty big difference in pitch from th 18". A pretty thick crash that's loud, but just doesn't have that crash characteristic I like. It doesn't really blend well with the rest of my cymbals.

    Overall the AAX are great for rock. Bright, but not too bright. The brilliant finish is beautiful when clean. I wipe any smudges off with a soft microfibre cloth. I'm considering selling the 16" Xplosion and getting a pair of either Paragon hats, or AAX stage hats.
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    Thanks for the review!!
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    i bought a set of the AAX Stage Hats when the series just came out. They sounded really good compared to the other sets I was testing.

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    I have the 16" AAX recording crash and is very good. I play different types of rock and also used it for R&B.

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