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Thread: Good Drums -- Bad Sound

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    Default Good Drums -- Bad Sound

    I went to see a band last night at one of the clubs in town -- I had not seen them in quite a while....................good players.
    They have a new bassman...............he was running direct with a 6-string bass guitar.............different, but he had good sound and good stuff.

    The drummer was playing some PDP shells..............WMP -- to me it looked like 10/14/22.
    Good shells and good drummer..............but his sound was average, at best.
    Old heads on the toms and everything tuned soprano/alto.
    And a PP squealer 4X12 popcorn snare drum that was "no balls" at all.............very "tinny".
    The bass drum sounded really good and I was glad that one drum was normal.

    I've always enjoyed the smaller tom sizes tuned low............they have better tone to me.
    And................I would have never used a "side" snare as my main axe.............for me, it didn't work.
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    Default Re: Good Drums -- Bad Sound

    At least the "standard", 22" sounded good, but then, it's 22". I'd think the 10" and 14" would be too small for a BIG sound...
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    Default Re: Good Drums -- Bad Sound

    Of course, what sounds "good" is in the ears of the beholder. That said, I prefer the lower tones as well. That's why my batter head journey went from the single ply clear, to coated single play, to 2 ply, to EC2 heads. I love my sound now.
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    Default Re: Good Drums -- Bad Sound

    I think a lot of it depends on the heads and tuning. I've gigged with a 8/13 combo and a 10/13 combo. If you tune the 13"FT about as low as you can get it...just on the edge of that "flappy" actually works pretty well as a FT. The 8" up tom sounds cool, but just not quite enough volume or sustain by nature. When I went to my 10/13 Bop kit, it was a big improvement. The 10" up tom, if tuned low/medium, works good and fits well with the 13"FT. If you hang a mic over the kit, it's more than enough for most every place we play.

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    Default Re: Good Drums -- Bad Sound

    end of the day was it a cover band ?..they probably didnt care

    also i have played many great kits with terrible heads ..what is the point of all this? embarrassing to play any broken kit

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