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Thread: advice????

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    Question advice????

    our drumline is trying to raise money for new equipment for next year. we need a ton of stuff like 4 teanors a bass a snare new heads and new harnesses... any ideas on how to get a lot of money????

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    Rob a bank maybe?

    Seriously... there are hundreds of fund raising companies out there. Check with your band director. He/she should be able to assist. Additionally, I just looked up fund raising on Google and found all kinds of sites. Here's a good one:


    - Tom

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    Your school system should be able to pay for that, thast what their for, to buy the equipment, drums are not cheap, liek we have a standard DCI setup, (we dont march them all) but 8 SFZs, 4 Quads, 5 Basses, plus the opposite school got the same thing, that was like 25 grand or something

    Btw, why do you need 4 tenors and one bass and snare? Or did i just read that wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ch33zz View Post
    Your school system should be able to pay for that,
    Not all school systems budget much for band. When I was in high school, we had to do fund raisers, and we ran the concession stand at all of our football games. As I recall, we didn't recieve any help from the school system at all. We were completely self sufficient, unlike the football team, who had a budget, and made 5 bucks a head on the hundreds of people who came to games every friday, and always seemed to have brand spankin' new gear and uniforms every year!
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    Well, its gonna be reallyyy costy to replace your entire drumline, all i can say is make sure you keep those babys in shape, if you have to riase money iwth no support of your school to buy drums

    Make sure their well taken care of

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    well case in point
    certain athletics will always be pampered (im an athlete so this is talking from experience)
    football basketball baseball and volleyball
    those are the main sports that can do whatever the heck they want and the administration will bend over backwards to help them

    i hate it

    the other sports get neglected
    but whats worse than the sports that are being neglected

    the arts

    music (both symphonic and vocal)
    get the shaft big time

    it makes me sick

    i hate highschool !!!
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    We ran a casino night to raise funds for our sons football team, it was very popular, a lot of fun, and we raised a ton of money. Something to think about. It isn't really gambling because we didn't give cash prizes. The buy in for everyone was a $20 donation, at the end of the evening there was a silent auction to buy donated prizes with your winnings.
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