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    I have been put in touch with someone from her graduating class of 1965 who might know how I can reach her.

    The man I talked to that watched her grow up, in our hour long conversation, told me that when she finished high school that they wanted her to go for the Miss Carolina contest, which she declined to do saying she wasn't pretty enough. He did say that when she lived there about 15 years ago, that she, in his words, looked "so damn pretty that it was hard to believe that she was in her mid-50's". How someone can look in a mirror and not realize that they look pretty good is something I'll never understand. I look in a mirror and as soon as it cracks, I look a little better.

    I am not looking to rekindle a 50 year old relationship, I just have 2 questions to ask her that have bothered me for 50 years.

    C'est la vie!!! (and that sucks)

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    i know you don't do Facebook, but I've located numerous long lost friends via Facebook. You may try having someone you know look up her name.

    "Too many crappy used drum stuff to list"

    Play the SONG......not the DRUMS!!!

    "I think that feeling is a lot more important than technique. It's all very well doing a triple paradiddle - but who's going to know you've done it? If you play technically you sound like everybody else. It's being original that counts." ~ John Bonham

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    I'm on facebook and twitter for a period of time. If I make contact with her, I'll be off FB in a heartbeat. Same goes for twitter.

    If I want to talk to somebody, I do it the old fashioned way, on a damn phone.

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    Once you find her on fb ( you can chat with her) and go from there. I have done it many times looking for someone from my past.

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    Nice little story Rick, but, honestly..............I'd only like to hear the 2 questions.

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    Facebook is great for locating old friends, I've used it to locate people twice, both times successfully. Also looking through the 'friends' pics seems to throw up loads of people I've lost contact with over the years. Initially I though it was a great tool, but then remembered that the reason I didn't bother to keep in contact was I probably didn't really care for them much.

    Its useful to keep up with what's happening at local venues and band tour details but other than that...... when it comes to friends I'm in the 'I'd prefer to keep in touch in person' camp.

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