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Thread: Single stroke roll on a pillow.

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    Default Single stroke roll on a pillow.

    After listening to the drummer on the movie whiplash. And hearing how fast his single stroke roll is I decided to start practicing the single stroke roll on a pillow. I have learn that by practicing on a pillow that there is no rebound and that all of the notes are even in sound. Plus my drum instructors that I studied under when I was younger told me since there were no practice pads when they were growing up they used pillows. Guess all of the great drummers of the past used pillows for practice. Maybe that is why they were so darn good. Also on youtube some of the video's of drummers that use pillows says that your drumming will increase if you use alittle heavier sticks like 5B to practice with.

    Keep drumming

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    Default Re: Single stroke roll on a pillow.

    Good idea. You can create a little bounce if you want it by folding the pillow in half and squeezing it between your knees.

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