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Thread: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

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    Default Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    Cool article (video interview) about the crash and what all he had to deal with. I know a lot of people bash this guy but can you imagine? This is when I'd rather have my health any day rather than fame and fortune.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    Wow . I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who can turn their life around like that .
    My younger brother Art did the same , tho he didn't suffer any accidents . I remember having to send home money so they could bail him out . Then one day he had reached bottom and decided he was ready to turn things around ... and he did . Amazingly all on his own ! No clinics or doctors ... just cold turkey and cutting himself off from all the people he had been hanging out with . Sadly two years after he had cleaned himself up and things were going very well for him he contracted meningitis and passed away .
    I wish Mr. Barker lots of luck . Very inspiring story .
    Thanks for posting this Drummer...

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    Default Re: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    My kid brother was in the same predicament in and out of jail with drug problems etc. Tried to help him out a few times with no success then he finally woke up, changed his attitude, friends and even move away and cleaned himself up. Now he is married with 2 kids and a good job. I am proud of him.

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    Default Re: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    I say good for him turning his life around after a real tragic event. Replacing other habits with good habits is the key. Running, drumming, swimming, etc, this can increase the dopamine in the brain which is usually stimulated through drugs. I hope he sticks to it, very inspiring story.

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    Default Re: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    I've got a friend who has also turned his life around. He was bad into meth, fighting, in and out if jail, etc. He was sitting in jail when his 13 year old son visited him and said "You're a sorry excuse for a dad. F*** you!" He then turned around and walked out of visitation.

    Those words woke my friend up. He now has 11+ years clean, speaks at various N.A. meetings, has gotten all of his children back, a new wife, and recently landed a job that no felon should ever have a chance at getting - all because his work ethic is well known in our area.

    I tell him often how proud I am of him. He uses his off days to try to reach others and help to pick them back up.

    He did it the same way - cold turkey, and by getting away from the crowd he was with. He literally moved two hours away to get away from everyone.
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    Default Re: Travis Barker ... "offered friends $1 million to kill him."

    I promise not to make anymore Travis Barker jokes for now on. . .

    It is a sad thing to want it to go that far
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