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    This cracked me up!

    "Yoshiki, who is known for such intense drumming that he sometimes collapses on stage, shocked fans last month when he announced he would need an urgent operation to implant an artificial cervical disc."
    - Tom

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    Oye ! Neck pain is the worst I've felt . I suffer from migraines but they go away . Neck pain is always there . I got mine from being hunched over various industrial saws . Band saws , table saws , saber saws for ten hours a day when I had that day job .
    I admit to doing the head banging when I got into my first rock band . But I was young and it only lasted for three months .

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    Stupid is as stupid does.

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    I've done some stupid stupid things with my head when I was younger.

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    I agree with Rick on this. How can you be so stupid and inflict pain and damage over this headbanging.

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