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    So I'm pretty new to drumming, and my friend is selling me his Avedis rock crash for 50 dollars. It seems like a pretty good deal (is it?). What's the difference between a rock crash, thin crash, medium crash, ect.? Should I purchase it and if somebody could explain the differences, I'd be very greatful! Thank you.

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    $50.00 is a great deal if the cymbal isn't cracked. They sell for $200.00 to $250.00 new. Rock crashes tend to be a bit heaver, a bit higher pitched , and have a longer sustain then a standard crash. Should sound nice..

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    ^^^ +1

    The general categories are fast, thin, medium thin, medium, medium heavy, and heavy. These refer to the weight (thickness) of the cymbal. Fast crashes are very thin crashes that decay quickly (don't ring out as much). In general, the heavier (thicker) the cymbal, the louder (volume) the cymbal, the higher pitched the cymbal, and the longer sustain (ring out) produced by the cymbal.

    The rock crash is the heaviest crash in Zildjian's A line of cymbals. They were initially created in the 70's to compete with high volume, amplified instrumentation. It's a great crash if you're looking for a loud crash cymbal that isn't overly loud compared to some of the more modern offerings. Another good thing about it is that, as a beginner, you could also use it as a ride cymbal if you don't already have one.

    I had a 70's 18" A rock crash back in the 70's and it was a great cymbal but somehow it got lost along the way and I no longer have it. I do remember that it was loud, felt good to play, and would eat up lightweight sticks.

    Best of luck to you in your drumming journey!
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    did you get it? do you like it? are you still playing?
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian

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    Sorry for the late response, but I did buy it. And I do love it! It has a great sound. I may have a personal attachment to it, but I think that it was a great buy

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