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Thread: Played an awesome 20 year old Gretsch kit!

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    Default Played an awesome 20 year old Gretsch kit!

    Last band rehearsal there was a different kit in the studio. My friend is helping his friend sell a Gretsch Renown kit that's at least 20 years old. 10, 12 rack toms, 14 hanging floor and 18 by 22 kick. The kit is in flawless condition, beautiful finish, die cast hoops and it sounds killer! The guy only wants $800 bucks for it. If I didn't just get a maple kit, I'd seriously consider it. One thing I love about rehearsing in this studio is the opportunity to play all different kinds of gear. Besides the drums, I got to play Paragon crashes and a Paiste ride. In the last couple of weeks I've also played a great old Yamaha kit with Sabian HHX cymbals. It's a great way to learn about gear and expand my horizons.

    Acoustic Kits:
    DW Design 6 pc
    Tama Silverstar Limited Edition Mirage 5 pc
    Tama Superstar 5 pc
    Gretsch Catalina Ash 4 pc

    Slingerland 7 pc

    Electronic Kits:
    Yamaha DTX532k
    Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad, Roland PD-85 (x3) and KD9 pads
    Alessis Sample Pad

    Tama SLP Black Brass
    Tama SLP G Maple
    Rukus Santos/Bubinga/Poplar/Wenge

    Tama and DW

    Zildjian A Series, A Custom and K Custom

    Miktek, Audix and Shure

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    Default Re: Played an awesome 20 year old Gretsch kit!

    I considered many kits before pulling the trigger on my USA Customs. It took me forever to clear it off of layaway and I had to sell a bunch of mid-range kits to dig myself out of a hole but boy, it was well worth the sacrifice! The looks are a sleeper but the sound is commanding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It made me appreciate what I have even more!

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    Default Re: Played an awesome 20 year old Gretsch kit!

    Mine (USA) are about 34 years old. Never really considered buying anything else. The magic is still there every time I sit behind them.

    all the best...

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