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Thread: DGM Live Passages Milan and Atlanta

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    No album cover because apparently Photo bucket needs me to allow 3rd party hosting and I have no idea what that is nor do I want to spend the time figuring it out. EDIT : I looked into it, they want $400.00 a year now to allow you to post pics on 3rd party sites. I deleted my account.

    Italian Progressive Metal band DGM has release a 2 CD Bluray DVD set featuring two shows. The first is from the Frontiers Metal Festival in Milan 2016 and the Second is from Prog Power USA in Atlanta 2014 - I was at this show. No matter what your taste in music this band is worth checking out. Some excellent musicians in this band, one of the best vocalists in the business in my opinion, and the drummer is phenomenal.

    Ghosts of Insanity from Milan 2016

    Trust Atlanta 2014
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