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    I wanted to start a new thread on drum pedals. Im looking for a new drum set, pearl, ludwig, or tama. However, im a single bass drum guy and i enjoy a fast kick.
    I tested a few pedals in various stores and many seem stiff or have horrible rebound.
    I guess its the worn out drum heads or tension on the pedals.
    Is the ludwig speed king still up there as far as fast pedals?
    I dont want the newer pedal that plays like a double base, i dont evn know how to use that. Lol. Ive been out if the drum game for 30 years.

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    I love love love my Tama Speed Cobra, it is the only thing Tama that I really Like. I still have a Pearl Eliminator with the 4 different color cams I still use from time to time as well. I had a DW 9000 and did not really like it and I also did not like a Trick pedal I had for awhile. I Prefer a chain drive but would like to try a direct drive again.
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    Here come the opinions....

    See MDK didn't like the 9000 pedal yet I have 5 pairs of them... I LOVE them. And now I swapped out the beaters to the MDD sound controls and they're perfect for me.

    I do love my Yamaha Flying dragons. I think those are smooth and fast. The direct drive version is super slick.
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    I'm still trying to find the pedal I like. I tried the DW5000 for a while I have a Tama Iron Cobra 600 I have a Pearl Demonator and still haven't had one make me say I love this pedal. The search continues
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    I just went through the drum pedal search a little while back and landed on the Tama Iron Cobra 600. Both my son and I love it. We also really liked the Mapex Falcon series, but the Tama won out.
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