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    First post here so thanks in advance. Have a yamaha 522k and can't get a good punchy kick drum sound. Have seemed to try everything but just can't dial it in. It just sounds horrible, almost distorted. Running it through a yamaha mixing board and then aux fed to an inuke3000dsp amp, then to a custom made 1000 watt 18" sub in a 6.5 cu ft ported enclosure. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    I can't help with this but some others will chime in that are more knowledgeable on the electronic kits. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum Mark. Glad to have you!
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Yamaha dtx522 kick help

    Do you have the KP65 trigger for kick? If so I believe it has an output control on the back of it. Try that and then try the mixer settings on the module and then the gain setting on the trigger itself. Does it sound ok via headphones? Could be a gain staging issue with your mixer setup. that's all I've got. Might be a bad trigger.

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    Are you using an passive or active cross over? As bgood posted, check the gain on the kick drum trigger. I use an active crossover on my PA whenever I use my ekit and I dial back the low freq so it rolls off anything under -100 db.

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