So in an effort to get similar drum sounds that Def Leppard had back in the Pyro/Hyst/Adren days, I was going to attempt to capture isolated parts from their music. This has been easier said then done, lol. I can MAYBE grab the kick drum from a couple of different songs but even then one beat is followed up pretty quickly by the next so when I go to trim it in Audacity, I'm sure the reverb (? sorry, I'm not too techy with the right lingo) will be cut off prematurely and it will sound odd.

I wrote someone about purchasing samples (I think it was Roland themselves but now I can't figure it out and the email address I wrote to isn't helping at all) and I did get a response saying that they can actually create the kits using the onboard sounds for the TD11 for $50. He told me that they are preparing for the hurricane and that he'll get back to me next week. I'll be able to pin down which company I actually wrote to then too. Sheesh, I swear I'm getting early signs for old age stupidity.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with this option. $50 isn't much and it would save me time but I also hope they would sound good. I think that maybe I'd be able to eventually create the sounds myself but it would take forever and I don't have a lot of experience in that area of E drums. I'm a bit afraid they will just grab the snare from this kit, the kick from that kit and call it a day. I'm assuming that they will change the initial sound, the settings, etc so it would sound good and fairly close to the real deal. They don't have a freaking Fairlight so it's not gonna be perfect but it should work....right? Thoughts on this option?