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Thread: What's your preferred Drum Skins folks?

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    Evans on most everything, toms and snare.

    Aquarian SK (I or II) on the kick.
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    I am and have been an Aquarian coated guy for a long time.
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    13 tom times 4
    16 floor tom 4
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    Dyna-sonic snare 1969
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    Quote Originally Posted by late8 View Post
    Nonsense! You're never too old to pick up drumming.

    Let me take this opportunity to clarify my choices in answering your questions concerning head choices.

    A majority of my gigs were "weekend warrior" outdoor festival events held on makeshift stages with an awning overhead. I found through trial and error from playing at these venues more than once of what worked the best for me and the sound guy.

    I found the clear plastic heads were loud enough to project out from under the awning.

    For the indoor small venue gigs, the coated heads and a small footprint was the ideal situation. My first gig at the venue pictured below, there was no stage and the kit was a few feet from the bartender's cash registrar. I was surrounded by hard surfaces and the kit was shoved in the corner next to a brick wall.

    I had my Gretsch Renowns outfitted with clear EC2 batters and I had complaints from the bartender that I was too loud.

    For the second gig at this particular venue, I brought in a 1 up 1 down kit with coated heads and I had no complaints from the bar staff. Bingo!

    Nice one, thanks

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