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Thread: Snare Wires???

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    Default Snare Wires???


    Seriously what is the difference between like Puresound snare wires and other cheap brands? what makes Puresound wires so much better? What makes them more sensitive and responsive than the rest?

    Just curious.

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    well aftermarket wires (not just puresound specific) are made with better metals that will last longer
    tend to not break or stretch and are much much more sensitive and responsive
    the also arent muddy souding at all

    very crisp

    i recommend the dw true tone wires

    my favorite =]

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    I've always been happy with the wires on the high end snares I buy. I personally don't need anything else. My snare sound is amazing. I get compliments on it from everyone, including sound guys that mix for all the artists.
    - Tom

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    i always had problems with snare wires breaking from excessive use and and constant transport. then i bought a used pearl snare that had puresounds on it and after 6 months never snapped one (still havnt 4yrs later). that made me decide to put them on all my snares and on any future snare i buy. i cant say that they make much difference in sound from the stock wires but they are strong and reliable.

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    I agree about the puresounds funky.

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    Thanks guys

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