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Thread: GoPro or NoPro! Help appreciated!

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    Hi Guys,

    So I am in the market for a decent camera with a humble budget to say the least. Just something with decent audio quality that I can record and analyse practice with. A brand new GoPro is definitely out of the question!

    What I'm asking though is, is there any other alternatives to the GoPro out there that wont break the bank?

    Happy to buy a used GoPro but wanted to put the feelers out there and see what other drummers would recommend!

    Thanks guys!

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    Hello Ludlow and welcome to the forum

    best way to deal with recording and expense is to utilize things you already own. This can be like a smartphone or a webcam for the video and a relatively cheap audio interface with stereo mic setup for audio.

    alternatives are things like zoom and gopro

    just remember where the video looks best is not necessarily the best point to capture a great sound

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    Default Re: GoPro or NoPro! Help appreciated!

    For some people, breaking the bank might mean $500, for other's it might mean $50. I write that with no sarcasm intended.

    I have been using Zoom cameras to record my videos for the last 2 1/2 years and it records (all things considered) quite well.

    I use a Zoom Q8 that cost about $260 brand new. If you go to Drum Videos and scroll down to A Cover?????, you can hear what you can do with a Zoom Q8, and couple of cheaper mic's and a inexpensive mixer. If you just want to record your drums, the Q8, by itself, will do fine.

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    Default Re: GoPro or NoPro! Help appreciated!

    The ZOOM Q8 is an excellent video camera - the Audio quality is really excellent - CD quality - For a really good recording, use 2 mics ... shure 57s work good....I use Audix i5s - and my Behringer X2442 USB mixer takes it to the PC - Straight out of the Q8 into the PC still sounds good - if you have a DVD editor with built in EQ that works really well too. Ive seen them on Ebay - the New ones, out of the box are always cheaper than the ones brand new still in an unopened box. Not sure how much you were intending on spending. There is another alternative - I have an older FLIP Ultra-HD video camera that makes pretty darned good video's - the sound isnt bad either - although using some EQ does smooth out the audio. Ive seen those on Ebay as well... for less than a hundred bucks but not sure if they still sell those brand new anymore or not - Just a couple of ideas `~~
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