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Thread: New drum solo for VA talent show.

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    Default New drum solo for VA talent show.

    Hello fellow drummers, It's been awhile. I was busy earlier this year studying for my ham radio license which I past the test in Oct. So now I am working on a drum solo for next years VA talent show. Naming this solo patriotic rock. It's alittle slower so I can control my sticking and not drop my sticks. Taking extra sticks with my drums this time. Also using my Ludwig breakbeat kit which will be easier to move in my car. Getting back into drumming I think will also be good therapy for me. Need to work on my rudiments a lot more so I can use some of them in my solo. Will try to keep this solo simpler this next time and not get crazy or to fast.

    Keep drumming

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    Sounds great Gregg and I am in the same boat as you as far as rudiments. Good luck. Yes drumming is good therapy.

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    Practice, practice, practice! That is what it all boils down to. Take your time. Film yourself, then watch your practices, and you can critique yourself that way. I do that a lot.
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