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    Here's what an expert submachine gunner looks like after a few nights with no sleep - Jimmy John.jpg

    1 of my uncles (my fathers brother) Steve. He, like the rest of the men in the family, enlisted on Dec 8th, 1941. He started on Guadalcanal, didn't know his brother was killed there for almost 6 months. He finished on Okinawa after some island hopping. Saw some heavy fighting, came home with several medals but no Purple Heart as he was never touched. There were 5 brothers and 6 cousins plus my father's best friend. They came home with 4 brothers and 4 cousins. My fathers best friend was shot down over the Solomons and was never found.

    The caption under this picture read "Here's what a expert machine gunner looks like after several nights with no sleep" as the Japanese attacked every night.

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    Thank you to you and all of your family who have served this country and given up so much.
    Thank you to all of you who have served!

    Awesome picture Rick! Thanks for posting it! I'll find one of my favorites of my Grandfather
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