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    Iíve made several drafts of this. I detest actually telling people how to live their lives. You donít ask me for money, so what you do is on you. But I have been struck with a thought regarding our hobby/trade/profession.

    Most of us spend, and some of us have spent, an inordinate amount of time honing our skill. But unlike other skills, such as welding, woodworking, machining, we often times lack anything to show. Even a poorly machined object is still a reflection of time and effort. A slightly askew Adirondack chair can be placed up in the rafters, if not used, at least as a reminder ďI made thisĒ. Even if you never touched a bandsaw again, you still have the chair as a product of your efforts.

    With drums, or any other instrument, thereís nothing without the tape rolling. I say this as having picked up the sticks after 8 or so years. Other than the drums themselves, I really have nothing to show as the fruits of my efforts. Used to have some music hosted on MySpace. Itís gone. The only tangible objects of effort I have are a few videos on YouTube. For all the years of effort, hauling the kit around, load inís, load outs, practices, arguments, highs and lows, I have about 10 minutes of content on YouTube. Not much to show. But enough dwelling on the past.

    In todayís age, there is no reason not to be recording yourself. ďBut I donít have any money for recording equipmentĒ as you type a response from your phone. All you need to to is download an app. ďIím nervousĒ, you say. Ya well happens to everyone. I come up with the coolest licks off camera, But struggle to even make a 2 minute video once the tape is rolling. Iím also not even suggesting you share your records. Itís kind of a big deal to put yourself out there and let other people judge. But more often than not, we are our own worst enemy. And to reiterate, I am not suggesting records for the sake of spamming videos, but as an account of time and effort you put into this skill. To reflect back on. Maybe use as a check. Licks you hear yourself struggling with today, but donít even think about in 2 months.

    But I digress. To bring it back home, at the end of the day, no one here asks me for money, and itís not my place to tell you what to do. But you should record more
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    I have hours of current audio recordings of my drumming but nothing new on video. You make a great point. I should record more videos of my drumming.

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    I seriously need to stop investing in drums and snares and invest in recording equipment and start making videos.
    I agree with this post 100%
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    I need to do this as well. I started recording myself with my zoom but when I play it back the music does not quite line up to what I am playing for some reason so I kind of lost interest but I did notice my posture was horrendous.
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    You may not have anything tangible to show for your efforts, but it’s shaped you into who you are now. There’s also the memories of gigs and sharing music with friends....which become more valuable as you get older.

    Now....can I borrow some money?

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    Point well made. I find that audio and video recording of my bands and of myself woodshedding are very helpful. Many times what you think sounds good, in The opposite is true as well. Grooves and fills that I come up with while practicing that I don't think have much substance sometimes surprise me when I go back and review them on the recordings.

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