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Thread: When the Levee breaks by Bonham, some cool info

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    Again, many may know this but many may not.

    One night Zeppelin were all going down the boozer and I said, 'You guys bugger off but Bonzo, you stay behind because I've got an idea.' So we took his kit out of the room where the other guys had been recording and stuck it in this lobby area. I got a couple of microphones and put them up the first set of the stairs."
    I used two Beyerdynamic M160 microphones and I put a couple of limiters over the two mics and used a Binson Echorec echo device that Jimmy Page had bought. They were Italian-made and instead of tape they used a very thin steel drum.

    "Tape would wear out and you'd have to keep replacing it. But this wafer-thin drum worked on the same principle as a wire recorder. It was magnetised and had various heads on it and there were different settings. They were very cool things!

    "And so playing at that particular tempo on 'Levee the limiters had time to breathe and that's how Bonzo got that 'Ga Gack' sound because of the Binson. He wasn't playing that. It was the Binson that made him sound like that. I remember playing it back in the Stones' mobile truck and thinking, 'Bonzo's gotta f**king like this!' I had never heard anything like it and the drum sound was quite spectacular."
    The same technique was used in the song Kashmir..
    Recording in the hallway helped create the echo in the bass drum. It just shows how bonham played for the song and how the band and producers would go to creative lengths in order to achieve the sound a particular song needed.
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    goes to show that someone with a brain that's pushing the buttons is just as important as the guys playing the crap. Plus they never need to leave home or go on tour.
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