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Thread: Dream cymbal recycling program

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    Default Dream cymbal recycling program

    I have 56''s worth of cracked cymbals.

    Dream says to go to any authorized dealer and get a $1 per inch credit towards a new Dream cymbal...

    Thinking of taking on the offer. I kind of like the 16'' Bliss crash. It would cost about $74 after the credit.

    Has anyone here done this?
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    Default Re: Dream cymbal recycling program

    I had no idea that even existed!
    I have several cracked cymbals myself... I should look into it also
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    Default Re: Dream cymbal recycling program

    That, I believe, has been a Dream offer ever since they started up business.
    $74 for a new Bliss 16" is worth the effort. I have been thinking of buying a 16" crash to use as a HiHat top..and Bliss is on my almost the $$ of pre-owned others.
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    Default Re: Dream cymbal recycling program

    Yeah their website has pretty good sound files but I've seen some people mention the Dream cymbals are hit or miss. 2 of the same line could sound completely different.

    I hate to buy cymbals unheard in person but would be nice to get rid of this stack of cracked ones. I don't ever try selling stuff. Too much of a headache.

    Called the local dealer here and he said yes they participate in the program.
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    Default Re: Dream cymbal recycling program

    I do a variation of this. Lone Star Percussion pays $2 per inch for B20 cymbals and $1 for B8. You can use the value to buy any new cymbal, not just from Dream. The only catch is you can only use up to half the price of a new one, so if you want a cymbal that costs $100, the maximum credit you can apply is $50. But that's still a better option unless you specifically want Dreams. I often receive piles of broken cymbals for free so I just turn them in and get something brand new for used pricing. I believe they also pay for your shipping, but I'm local so not positive...

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