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Thread: Sometimes the Gig Just Isn't Worth It

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    I have run in to all kind of situations at clubs and especially private clubs and country clubs. Usually at these PGA type clubs there is always one person who thinks you are there just for them and drive you crazy trying to tell you what to play, or the idiot club owner who keeps running up to the stage telling you to play a slow one now, or play something fast, or this song, or that. Or the oldest person there wanting a fox trot. This is the exception more than the rule but you just have to be patient up to a point. I finally told a woman one night who was even telling me what break music to play , that she was driving me crazy. I like places where they know what type music to hire and leave you alone and let you do your job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by itchie View Post
    i personally would have taken it
    money on the table
    old farts love to buy music
    your band would have benefited from learning how to play dynamically
    No --- my band would not have benefitted in any way --- exactly why we declined --- and I wouldn't assume we need to "learn" how to play.
    Next time I'll be glad to hook you up with the gig.
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