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    DrumChat members:

    Recently there was some discussion about guns and Muslims, etc. in the Shoutbox. While not specifically stated in the forum rules, those subjects do fall under "hot button" issues and we'd rather avoid them. I deleted the comments and urge everyone to avoid venturing into those divisive areas of discussion.

    Political, Religious or other "Hot Button" Posts:
    While in the past we have allowed some discussion on these matters, has decided to ask its members to refrain from posting these hot button issues that can often produce negative sentiment amongst members. So, please do not post anything of a political or religious or otherwise controversial nature in the forum. We appreciate and value everyone's diverse background but wish to help maintain the sense of community that has been built by avoiding these topics. There are other online forums dedicate to these subjects and we encourage you to visit them to discuss those issues. Moderators will close and/or delete any thread or post that they deem violates this rule.

    Thanks for your attention to this!

    - Tom

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    Default Re: Discussion about Guns

    Can I mention the slingshot I had as a kid?????



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    or the pea shooter lol.

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    Abrams for the win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickthedrummer View Post
    Can I mention the slingshot I had as a kid?????
    I had the one with the molded handle, not wood. Thing was cool and quite accurate.

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    Darn. I thought this thread would be about Guns-n-Roses. Imagine my disappointment.

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