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    I was talking with another drummer and i brought up the intro to Iron Maidens run to the hills with clive burr and where eagles dare with nikko mcbrain. The other drummer mentioned how they are easy to play. My response was that its not so much the complexity or simplicity, its all about the creativity. These guys came up with those intro’s from scratch. That is what separates many drummers/ musicians from being successful and perhaps not so successful.
    Another example is over the mountain by Ozzy with the great drummer Lee Kerslake. The intro to bastard by motley crue with tommy lee. Its all about the creativity. Many drummers have great technical skills, they can read music but just never seem to come up with those cool intro’s or grooves. Dont get me wrong, even the best most creative take a little from here and there from others but they form their own unique recipe so to speak. That is what is so impressive. Kind of like a super catchy guitar riff or a great chorus with a song that you cant seem to stop singing in the shower no matter how nerdy the song is.
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    Solo to InnaGadaDivita!
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    I'm one of those players who can emulate well - I can play note for note perfect covers of some pretty technical stuff. But when it comes to creating my own music, it just ends up sounding generic or uninspired. Creating music that sounds and feels good is so much more impressive to me than just simply being able to play it.
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    I really like the beginning to misty mountain hop by zeppelin. Really threw me off the first time I listened to it. I’ve heard it a million times, but I always find myself tapping away when I hear the intro to spirit of radio by rush.
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