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Thread: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

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    Default Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    A few days ago I discovered that a gentleman in Northern Arkansas had purchased the entire inventory of Slingerland Drums - both the Conway, Arkansas-produced kits and the never-introduced imported kits - The Concert Kings. I contacted him and was invited up to see the drums yesterday. I have to tell you, it was like a couple of kids in a candy store!

    John, the new owner of the inventory, is a fellow drum nut, a true gentleman, enthusiastic host, and regular down-to-earth kind of guy. His enthusiasm is infectious. It would be hard to imagine that this Slingerland heritage could have fallen into better hands than John and his two partners, Jeff and Don. He is still sorting through the inventory (which also includes large stocks of digital pianos and Gibson-owned basses and guitars), but the entire stock will soon be offered for sale on eBay. Direct sales are also a possibility. All of the kits include Slingerland-branded hardware, not just shell kits.

    Edit: the eBay store has just gone online. Store name is neamusic.
    Edit: the import Concert King kits are priced at $999 including full hardware.

    I'm sure we have all read about the "quality-control problems" that are supposed to exist with these drums. Well, John gave me carte blanche to inspect anything I wanted to see or unbox. I saw and inspected a few drums, and I can attest that they are of the highest quality and true to Slingerland tradition. I saw not a single botched bearing edge or separating wraps. The stains and paint are lustrous and look a mile deep - the same kind of finishes you would expect from a factory accustomed to manufacturing pianos. The thing that amazed me the most was the chrome quality. All the hardware I saw, regardless of USA or imported, from lugs to hoops to stands and tom mounts had deep, faultless chrome plating with obvious care in metal conditioning prior to plating. It reminded me of the kind of plating that Premier and a few other brands used to offer.

    The hardware kit that I had a chance to inspect close up was the one included in the import Slingerlands (Concert Kings). The chrome quality has already been described. The stands in this kit used older Tama-style geared tilters, Gibralter-style boom tilters, and leg systems I've never seen before, with leg anchors made of raw machined aluminum. I didn't get a chance to see what kind of hardware is included with the USA kits.

    The first picture is of John, standing in one of several warehouses absolutely filled with drumkits, hardware, and individual drums that have not been touched since they were boxed up in 1998 and before.
    Slingerland 039.jpg

    So far, two prototype snare drums have been discovered. Note the "Prototype" badges and descriptions.
    Slingerland 025.jpg
    Slingerland 027.jpg
    Slingerland 028.jpg
    Slingerland 030.jpg

    More in the following post.

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    One of the first kits that John found was this killer USA Gene Krupa kit, which he will be keeping for himself. Do you blame him? Those are 13/16F/18F/24BD and a matching Radio King snare.
    Slingerland 024.jpg

    This is one of the beautiful import Concert King kits that was unboxed. Honestly, the obvious quality of these kits is on par with that of the USA kits. They just don't have the expected cache of a US kit. Pictured hardware is included in the kit.
    Slingerland 032.jpg
    Slingerland 035.jpgSlingerland 036.jpg

    There was a smattering of Slingerlands from several periods of production. I'm assuming that they were used as reference drums?
    Slingerland 037.jpg

    More pics in the next post.

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    I know the first two questions I will get is When will they be available? and How Much? John has just finished establishing his ebay store and is making arrangements with shippers for the best shipping rates. I can't comment on prices for now, but if the numbers I heard stay firm, these formerly exorbitantly-priced kits are going to be very competitively priced.

    Here's a shot of one of the warehouses:
    Slingerland 042.jpg

    Here's John again standing next to a pile of Radio King snares and the import kit hardware packs.
    Slingerland 041.jpg

    All in all, this was a premier day for me. Besides being hosted by such a nice guy, being able to see all of this NIB Slingerland gear was just exhilarating. It felt like Christmas in October! There was much more to see that I'm not at liberty to discuss, but I hope I've adequately described what it was like be literally surrounded by some of the drums that I lusted after for years.


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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Is it possible that he has another set of White Pearl Slingerlands? I bought a set around '77. While other companies made White Pearl, Slingerlands was the best looking White Pearls of all of them.

    I basically gave that set away in 2005, and have regretted doing so. I would be looking for 24"BD, 13", 16",and 18" toms. As for the snare. When I used that set, I used either a Black Beauty SS or a Supraphonic with it.

    I'm not going to say that I would definitely buy, but I would strongly consider it.





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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Also interested, always wanted a set of Slingerlands....

    Premier XPK Drums
    10, 12, 13, 14, 16 Suspended toms
    22 bass drum
    5 x 14 snare
    Premier Hardware
    Offset Double Pedal
    Sabian, Meniel cymbals
    Tama Metalworks 6.5 x 14" Black Nickel snare
    Ahead Drum Cases

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Rick, you will be happy to know that the overwhelming majority of the Conway Slingerlands are in WMP. That made me very happy, because WMP is by far my favorite color of all time.

    You can contact John by using the "Contact Seller" feature of the eBay store. Here's the link in case you need it:

    I'm sending both of you John's email address for inquiries about the USA kits.


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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Man that warehouse is like a time capsule.... would love a set of Slings
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian REGAL TiP

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Quote Originally Posted by slinky View Post
    Man that warehouse is like a time capsule.... would love a set of Slings
    You can buy them right now, Slinky. Prices for the import maple-finish Concert King kits is 999.00 including hardware. You will need to contact John for pricing on the USA kits - they are not as expensive as you would think.

    The big news for me is:

    I'm getting one of those Concert King kits this Tuesday. Thank you, John! I'll give you guys a review of the kit along with pics. I'm planning to do a YouTube video of the kit, too. So excited, as I've wanted a Slingerland kit since I was a kid. No hope of affording one of the Conway kits, but the CK kits have maple/mahogany/maple/mahogany/maple five ply shells and use what looks like the exact same hardware (hoops, lugs) as the USA kits (except for the tom mount, which is unique to this drum set, and is not used on any other kit. It's a completely "new" Slingerland design.) I'm excited!!!

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Great post -- amazing inventory of classy drums to be sold. These will be a terrific score for Slingy-lovers.
    My very first kit was from Slingerland -- it was a black & gold DUCO that had a (single-tension) bass, a snare, a floor tom and a ride cymbal.
    My Dad found it in the local newspaper want-ads.................a used kit from the late fifties...............he gave it to me on my 11th birthday.

    Also -- I still own a Slingy 5X14 snare (maple with re-rings) with an internal stamp that reads "JUN 64".
    Any idea where it was made/assembled ???
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
    (What Else Would I Ever Need ?)

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    This is amazing.

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Went to the eBay site. Only has 1 kit listed for sale.

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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Quote Originally Posted by inthpktplayer View Post
    Went to the eBay site. Only has 1 kit listed for sale.
    More are coming. John is working himself silly sorting thru inventory and listing the other gear he acquired in the auction - guitars, basses, and lots of Baldwin and Wurlitzer electric pianos.

    I drove up today to pick up my Concert King kit, and got some more information. (Mine is a walnut kit - same color as yours, Rick.) I will be covering my kit in WMP, so I have to return to pick up the wrap and my extra 18" floor tom.)

    To save myself a lot of typing, I'm copying this information section to two other forums, in case you see it there, too.

    Now, for everybody that had questions:

    - Are there any USA single drums available? Yes, but John is still counting and discovering exactly what he has. The invoice he received has been inaccurate, with some cool discoveries so far. At this point, he knows he has these USA singles on hand:
    - (25) 13" South Carolina toms in lacquer wine red
    - At least one Nashville 18" Studio King floor tom in lacquer sunburst
    - Three each of 10" & 12" Nashville Studio King toms in lacquer sunburst
    - Gene Krupa kits: SOLD OUT
    - Several pallets of SINGLE PLY Radio King and Super Radio King snare drums - total of 41 snares - almost all of them in WMP, but there are other finishes, too. Price: $999.00
    - Conway individual toms, 12"/14"/16"/18" in WMP, Violet, Natural, Black Pearl. Unknown number at this time.
    - Almost all of the Conway drum sets are WMP, with a few other colors. These are all Modern Tour Jazz kits: 12/14/20 and 14"snare drum. Hardware is included. Price: $2995.00
    - The Concert King kits are selling nicely. These kits are 12/13/16/22/14snare, and come in natural, amber, and walnut. Price: $999 including hardware kit.
    - Found out today that John also has some Jam King kits in black, wine red, and metallic silver wraps. I didn't get a chance to see these kits, so can't say just yet what the shells are made of, sizes, or any specifics on the hard parts. More info coming as soon as available.

    That's it for today, kiddos. When I get any more updates, I'll pass them along.


    I'll be making pics and video of the unboxing of the kit. Watch this space.
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    Default Re: Conway Slingerlands Rescued - Pics!

    Got my Slingerland Concert King drum set last Tuesday and thought I'd post a few pics. This is the five-piece imported kit, 12/13/16/22/14snare kit in walnut stain and LOTS of deep, lustrous chrome. And I loves me some chrome! The finish, as you can see from the pics, is near perfect. As you would expect, the heads that come with the kit are useful only for holding the hoops in place. I'll be installing new heads before I even play them. (Bearing edges are double 45 degree. Shells are five ply, maple/mahogany/maple/mahogany/maple.) The hardware kit you see in the pictures are included in the price of $995.

    Edit: For some reason my computer is running super slow. It took forever to upload just one pic, so I'm going with that for now. I'll post more, with closeups, once this thing is running right.

    Slingerland Drumset 2018 022.jpg
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