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Thread: Re did my cymbal logos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricardo View Post
    Sabian should pay you for your tedious marketing efforts.

    I have two outstanding Zildjian "A" cymbals that long ago lost their stamp-logos from my cleaning routine.
    I have had them many years and they sound (to me) absolutely fantastic..................these two are in the category of "I'll never depart with them".
    They have no logo and I don't care.
    I have other (newer) cymbals that have logos and if they should get in the way of my cleaning routine and disappear, so be it.
    I’m sure if I were to clean them off completely I would get over it and feel the same way. I just don’t like to see those things deteriorate. It’s also good for resale.
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    3 month bump up....Nice job with the logo Mike.

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