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Thread: Good New Year's gig.

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    Default Good New Year's gig.

    Have you ever had one of those gigs where some band members in the band are arguing and bickering over the setup on stage before starting, but in the end, the gig turned out great? I played 11 songs with some waiting around in between half the songs and had a catered full course meal wiith desert for free! I played with a 7 pc. band and I walked out the door with 200 bucks! For that kind of money I would of played' Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree ' over and over agian for 2 hrs! LOL.

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    Wow. That’s good money...regardless of how the gig turned out!

    New Years Eve used to be s great night for bands around here. You could charge 2x to 3x your normal rate. Now, very few go out on New Years Eve. New Years Day has become the big thing now. Everyone bar-hops around town. There were 4 live bands today in my town of only 15K people. We played from 2pm to 6pm and had a pretty good crowd. A lot of people stayed. We did an “unplugged” acoustic show (more of an open jam, actually) and had several local musicians join us. At one point, we had 9 people playing. We only made $50 each, but we had an awesome time. Since it was acoustic, I just played my Cajon, tambourine and spoons. We didn’t have much equipment to mess with, so that made it a lot easier and fun.

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    Default Re: Good New Year's gig.

    Geez! Sweet gig. I miss playing on New Years eve.

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