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    Anyone own one of these? They make splashes and chinas only apparently. I tried a 14 inch china at the rehearsal studio and it has a great trashy sound with a quick decay, exactly the sound I like. I have an 18 Zildjian china that I never liked the sound of. I've only owned Zildjian, so this would be new territory for me. It's tempting because besides the sound, the prices are really low compared to other brands. I wonder how durable they are.

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    I have some Agazarian Chinas(6, 8, 10, 12), and a 14 crash, and they sound great. I also have a Wu Han 20 or 22( loud & nasty), a Wu Han 12(not much sound from that one), a 16 A Zildjian High Boy(?)( I enjoy it when I use it) and another 16, can't remember the brand, pretty nasty. I don't use all of them at the same time, mix them up.

    Agazarian cymbals , at least the splashes, are fine IMO. Never tried the rides, HH, or crashes(except for the 14 I have). I use A Zildjian HH(15s), ride(22 or 20), crashes (17 & 18), and have an old(1936 paper thin, huge bell) that was drilled for 6 rivets in 1969....a shame/crime IMO but it was given to me to offset a debt.

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