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Thread: Snare for irish folk group

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    Hi folks,

    I'm investigating wich kind of snare could be used for playing a acoustic irsh folk rock group.

    I play mostly all time with brushes and I would like to find a good sound, sometimes we play amplified and sometimes not.

    I've been recomended to use 13'' wood snares but I would like to hear you're opinions. I wonder wich could be beter the flat ones or the wider ones.

    Wich one would you use?


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    Default Re: Snare for irish folk group

    Can you share more info about your Irish folk group? Most videos I found from this genre shows two types of music:

    Traditional Irish hand drumming:



    Or a standard "rock" drum kit:


    If it's like the latter, any standard snare drum could work but I'm assuming the smaller sized shell would probably "fit" in better within the mix if you were to go unmic'd.


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    I think anything would work. If I were to choose, I’d go with a deep, thin shelled wood or metal. Something with “body” and resonance to get that traditional hand drum sound. 13x7 (always a winner) or 14x8.

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