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Thread: Frustrated Yamaha Live Custom owner

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    As a LiveCustom owner, I'm sure that I can speak for many of my fellow drummers who own these kits that we would have appreciated a heads up (6months to a year) that the LiveCustom Oak kits & colours were going to be discontinued. Only dealers were given this info in the fall of 2018 with no ability to order any new product. Think of all the 8" toms, 18" floor toms and second bass drums that would have been ordered, knowing that we wouldn't be able to get them in the future. Yamaha would have created a demand where there otherwise wasn't one. "Order now before they are gone forever".
    Now instead we are unable to add to our kits and Yamaha drums is unlikely to get any more of our money. Maybe Yamaha thought we'd sell our LiveCustom kits and buy this new Hybrid Live Custom?
    You missed a great opportunity to sell more drums and make your current customers happy and most likely retain them into the future.

    Yamaha, we (your customers) have many choices in Drum Manufacturers who provide many different types of wood, sizes and colour options, try not to forget that when you 'Out Of The Blue' discontinue your next model.

    Frustrated Yamaha Electric & Acoustic drum owner.

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    that's interesting that they would do that. they should've let it be known.
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    Just curious, are you 100% sure you can’t special order individual drums? Seems to me, they would at least have some inventory of old shells laying around, but maybe not.
    If they were big sellers, they wouldn’t have discontinued a guy would think there must be some un-sold inventory or blank shells laying around somewhere(???)

    "Too many crappy used drum stuff to list"

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    I knew about it with enough notice to acquire the last new snare drum to match my finish.

    I do agree that Yamaha is not the most cordial with after market product availability.
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    yeah I'm very surprised by it too. Sorry to hear that!
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    No nothing left. I spoke to many store owners in both Canada and USA, they were all told in Sept. 2018 that they could no longer order any drums in that line and that the line was discontinued. The line did sell well, they are just charging a significant amount more for the new version.

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