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    Not sure if there is an introduction forum but thought I would add one here as I cant find a specific one, not sure if there actually is one but believed that this was the usual process, just to say hi.

    And so, hi drummers and less evolved people, (well we have to fight back don't we - light bulbs indeed - Steve Gadd never changed a light bulb in his life),

    Hope things are well. I just thought I would quickly introduce myself in this forum as I am new here and have never really been much for idle chat... we drummers like to get things done, but you knew that already didn't you. Itís getting those guitarists away from the bar thatís the problem.

    Anyway, a bit about me. I call myself a drummer but I am actually just a pretender at present. I donít even have a kit, I switched to electronic some years ago after I had a bad car accident as the noise began to really bug me. No, I wasnít the drums that were bugged, they were just miked. oh no I am so bad, itís a good job I spent 35 years at the back of the stage cos I wouldnít be able to make it up front.

    I was saying, ah, but then I had to sell even the electronic kit as the neighbours just wouldnít shut up. Neighbours are so noise but you most likely knew that too.

    And so, I was working with Susan Maughan, the woman who did Bobbies Girl in the 60s, and people like Paul Daniels and Les Dennis etc, on the cabaret scene. I did a lot of UK tours and Pantomimes Shows etc as I preferred the reading gigs to the whole rock star thing. But that was most likely because I was never offered work in the band scene. You know the type that get deals. Original bands and so on. I was too busy chasing the reading gigs down.

    Since I got rid of my kit some years ago I have been writing books and developing websites etc and maybe one day will be ready to publish those, but I actually plan to get myself a drum kit and create some videos to go with the books , that is if I can still play.

    And so thatís me. Not that impressive for 35 years playing but hey I am just a beginner.
    So anyway hope your well and hope we get to chat over the coming weeks, months and years. I am still busy so will need to schedule time when I visit but I am usually around.
    All the best.

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    You will fit right in!!!





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    Welcome to Drum Chat BRK!
    - Tom

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    On behalf of Drum Bum, thank you for your consideration.

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    Welcome !! I'm glad you are here.

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    Welcome to the forum bud
    Ludwig Classic Maple 22x16,10x8,12x9,16x16

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    Decide whether this is love for the craft or simply an ego thing NOT MY BAND, JUST A GREAT LOCAL BAND WHO SHOULD BE SOOO MUCH BIGGER IMO

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    welcome to the forums.
    Sucks to hear of your neighbors!
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    Great introduction BRK! Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to the jungle.

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