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Thread: Canadian Customs and Duties and Taxes and Fees

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    Hey everybody! First time on the drum forum, I am taking the plunge and investing in a much more expensive kit than what I currently have. The kit I have being a cheap ol $300 CAD kit I got off of a local seller used cause I just wanted to learn how to play the drums. I've always wanted an SJC drum kit, but sadly, they aren't available anywhere in Canada from what I've found. I've found a company that I have been eyeing as they carry SJC Kits and also have the cheapest shipping possible to Canada.

    My question is if anybody knows how much duties and fees are from the USA over the border into Canada? From research I've found that I gotta pay GST (Tax) and then from there I don't know what other fees there are. Drums crossing the border has always been finicky.

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    Hi Neo, welcome. Are you far across the border?.. there are some good stores in MI,WI,MN,NY that if you can drive to might save you some dough on shipping but then you'd have to buy gas so i guess it kind of evens out no matter what.

    There's a store called Music Go Round that sells good used equipment. They'll ship a 5pc set in the states for $200.. don't know if it's more for CA though.

    Ebay and Kiji? Is that the Canadian Craigslist? Anyway just saying because i know those SJC's are pretty pricey.
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    Here's a Canadian Duty Calculator:
    - Tom

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    Man shipping to Canada is a hassle... I use to sell a lot of car parts to Canada and we always changed the pricing and claims.
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