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Thread: Great double gig weekend but one casualty!

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    Default Great double gig weekend but one casualty!

    So this past weekend my 80's band played a late gig Friday night and an 8:30 hit Saturday. We normally like to space gigs out as we're building a following but the Saturday gig dropped on us a few weeks ago and no other dates were offered for the venue so we had to take it or leave it. The Friday gig was important to us because it is a new, top-tier venue in the area and the owner owns another big club as well, so we wanted to make a good impression. We decided to promote the hell out of the Friday did and not announce the Saturday gig until a few days before.
    So Friday I get to the venue early and the first band is setting up. There's a house kit but the drummer decides to use HIS hardware for some reason, which made me a little concerned that the changeover would take longer. That band started a little late but finished around 10, which was supposed to be our start time. We finally started around 10:30 and at the owners request, instead of doing 2 sets with a break, we played straight through to 1 AM. We were well received and had the crowd dancing. At the end the owner said we were good, different, and that we play music no one else does. He definitely wants us back in this club or possibly his other club. The sound man did a great job, even the cell phone videos sound great.
    Gig number 2 was at a place we had played once before. There's a tight window for load in and set up, and I had to bring my kit, but there's a sound man there as well and he wires everything up. We had a decent turn out again, including a late influx of people who immediately started dancing and went nuts over Come On Eileen. I also got to try out my 16" K Custom Dark Crash which had just arrived earlier that day.
    Now to the casualty. A new friend of mine who is a rep for Evans, a drummer himself and tech for The Smithereens, came to the gig so I gave him a tour of my kit. He goes, "Oh man that sucks you got spider cracks in the snare!" I hadn't even noticed! Not even sure when or how it happened. He said it shouldn't affect the drum, but it's right where the throw off is mounted, and on closer inspection, there's a crack from top to bottom. I don't know if there is any way to fix it. I just went ahead and ordered a new snare on ebay, as I know they're not plentiful. That was a real bummer. But my friend really liked us and he said he'd send me a set of resos since I never changed out the stock ones!
    Over all a good weekend, but it's tough coming off tour...

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    Default Re: Great double gig weekend but one casualty!

    We did 2 last Friday... 4 to 5:30 at Angel City bike rally in Unadilla, GA. then drove an hour up to Macon to Grant's Lounge for a 45min set. It was a good day/night at both places.

    I shared the other bands drummers set and cymbals at Grant's which i was very thankful for. Just used my own snare seat n sticks.

    He plays a 3pc set.. no rack tom just a snare kick n floor. It was fun playing on it. He had a set of Zildjian S series on the hi hat. They sounded pretty good.
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