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    I've enjoyed playing this Ludwig Breakbeats kit since I bought it a few months back. However, last night was the first time I played it in a full band setting. I was VERY impressed with how it held up. The guys I jammed with were equally impressed, and spoke about how good it sounded for a "little" kit. They were blown away with the sound of the 16 inch kick drum. Needless to say, I will be using this kit more for small gigs and jams like I did last night.



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    Yep. Now you’re hooked. Get ya some lightweight cymbal stands, and it will become your “go to” gig kit in short order. The smaller tom sizes actually cut better than most people realize. Throw some mics on it, and it will cover any gig.
    I’ve never played a Breakbeats, but my first home-made kit uses a converted 16” FT for the BD. After much experimenting, I found the combination that seems to give the best playing feel and a fan solid “thump” sound; I installed an Emad batter (they make one specific for 16”) and a 4” port dead-center in the reso. The thing is like a cannon. You can feel it on stage. The projection to the audience is great. The feel on the pedal is firm with just a touch of rebound.
    The thing about a small BD is the sound pressure. You’re not moving the large volume of air like a 22”, but all the compression energy is much more focused. It’s like putting your thumb part way over the end of a garden hose.

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    i tell you what.. I have that Sonor Martini kit and it just impress's me everytime I sit down at it.

    We had one of those ludwigs at our store once and it was truly awesome
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