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    I just acquired a set of these in great used condition. I've recently been assembling a set of K Customs, and these will sound great along with the 15" and 16" K Custom Dark crashes I have. Next up would be a ride and maybe one more larger crash. I used the hats yesterday on a library gig indoors. We wanted to keep the overall volume down so I used my ekit, substituting the high hat with the K hats, because the response of the ekit hats is just not the same. The K hats blended in just fine and cut thru the mix perfectly. I now have 4 pairs of high hats, 13" and 14" New Beats, 14" A Customs and the 14" K Customs. I must say although they all sound great and have their own unique personalities, the 14" New Beats, which I have had for close to 40 years, are still the most versatile, and sound the best in most situations. It's no wonder they are the most recorded high hats ever.
    K_Hat_Top .jpg
    K_Hat_Bottom .jpg

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    13" New Beat High Hats
    14" New Beat High Hats
    14" A Custom High Hats
    14" K Custom Dark High Hats
    6", 8", 10" Fast Splashes
    12" A Custom Splash
    15" A Custom Crash
    15" K Custom Dark Crash
    16" A Fast Crash
    16" K Custom Dark Crash
    17" A Custom Projection Crash
    18" A Custom Projection Crash
    18" A Rock Crash
    18" China
    18" A Medium Thin Crash
    19" A Rock Crash
    20" A Ride
    20" A Custom Ride(X2)
    20" K Ride

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    also have these hats. Love em
    The Varukers.

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    Back in the early 90s, I bought a pair of 13" K Dark hats for studio use -- they sounded so good I sold all my other hats.
    I still use the 13s for everything...........great sound.
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
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    Nice score....congrats! I have a set of 80's (hollow Zildjian logo) 14" New Beats, vintage 15" Zildjian thin hats and now the 14" K Dark hats but the 15" thin hats seem to get the most play these days.

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    I have the exact same 14" K Custom Dark hats that came with a Yamaha MCAN kit that I bought. At first I thought that I wasn't going to like them, mostly based on how heavy they felt. But I've played them quite a bit and they actually play really well.IMG_1732[1].jpg

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    Here's mine:

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