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Thread: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

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    Default Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    I just acquired a set of these in great used condition. I've recently been assembling a set of K Customs, and these will sound great along with the 15" and 16" K Custom Dark crashes I have. Next up would be a ride and maybe one more larger crash. I used the hats yesterday on a library gig indoors. We wanted to keep the overall volume down so I used my ekit, substituting the high hat with the K hats, because the response of the ekit hats is just not the same. The K hats blended in just fine and cut thru the mix perfectly. I now have 4 pairs of high hats, 13" and 14" New Beats, 14" A Customs and the 14" K Customs. I must say although they all sound great and have their own unique personalities, the 14" New Beats, which I have had for close to 40 years, are still the most versatile, and sound the best in most situations. It's no wonder they are the most recorded high hats ever.
    K_Hat_Top .jpg
    K_Hat_Bottom .jpg

    2017 DW Design 6 piece Tobacco Burst
    Evans, Remo

    2016 Tama Silverstar Limited Edition Mirage 5 piece Chrystal Ice

    2010 Tama Superstar 5 piece Birch BPG
    Evans, Aquarian

    200? Gretsch Catalina Ash 4 piece Black and Silver Sparkle

    1980 Slingerland 7 piece Poplar/Maple White

    Yamaha DTX532k

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    Roland PD-85 pads (x3)

    Alessis Sample Pad

    Tama SLP Black Brass snare

    Tama SLP G Maple snare

    Tama hardware and pedals
    DW5000 double bass pedal, single bass pedal and high hat


    13" New Beat High Hats
    14" New Beat High Hats
    6", 8", 10" Fast Splashes
    16" A Fast Crash
    18" A Rock Crash
    18" China
    18" A Medium Thin Crash
    18" A Crash Ride
    19" A Rock Crash
    20" A Ride

    14" A Custom High Hats
    12" A Custom Splash
    15" A Custom Crash
    17" A Custom Projection Crash
    18" A Custom Projection Crash
    20" A Custom Ride(X2)

    14" K Custom Dark High Hats
    15" K Custom Dark Crash
    16" K Custom Dark Crash
    17" K Custom Dark Crash
    18" K Dark Crash
    20" K Ride

    Miktek, Audix and Shure Mics

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    also have these hats. Love em
    The Varukers.

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    Back in the early 90s, I bought a pair of 13" K Dark hats for studio use -- they sounded so good I sold all my other hats.
    I still use the 13s for everything...........great sound.
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
    (What Else Would I Ever Need ?)

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    Nice score....congrats! I have a set of 80's (hollow Zildjian logo) 14" New Beats, vintage 15" Zildjian thin hats and now the 14" K Dark hats but the 15" thin hats seem to get the most play these days.

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    I have the exact same 14" K Custom Dark hats that came with a Yamaha MCAN kit that I bought. At first I thought that I wasn't going to like them, mostly based on how heavy they felt. But I've played them quite a bit and they actually play really well.IMG_1732[1].jpg

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    Default Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    Here's mine:

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