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    okay i already posted this in the wrong place once

    okay im a punk drummer and im wondering if i could just
    do something a little more complicated then the usual.
    because if the guitar just keeps on strumming down
    like this


    i end up with a beat like this

    (Hh= high hat
    Sd= snare drum
    Bd= bass drum)


    but really i want to do this


    is it alright if i do that?

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    There's nothing wrong with that. Your keeping the same timing. My only concern is that the double your throwing in on the "3 and" might muddy up the bottom end. Go ahead and do it though. There would never be any new music if people were afraid to try new things!
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    i have no idea how to read guitar tabs
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    yeah that's fine...jsut try diff things and find what U like best

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    i tried it out.... i think it works out nice
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