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Thread: are these cymbals giggable?

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    Default are these cymbals giggable?

    hi, new member here, looking for some tips...

    I rehearse with my band with the following cymbals:
    Paiste PST7 14" Hi-hats
    Paiste PST7 16" Crash
    Paiste Rude 16" Crash/Ride (vintage)
    Paiste Alpha 20" Full Ride

    Could I gig with these or would i need to be upgrading, are they going to cut in a loud rock band?

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    Default Re: are these cymbals giggable?

    If they do the trick for rehearsal then....Heck, yes!

    The only thing I can think of is if they don't project well enough when competing with loud guitars. But we all have that problem. lol
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    Default Re: are these cymbals giggable?

    Definitely. I owned a full set of PST7’s. They’re made from 2002 bronze. They actually cut very well. The PST7 hats sound as good or better than most anything pro-level. The crashes, not so much...but they WILL work. The Alpha ride should be as good as the PST7. It’s basically the same but with a brilliant finish.

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