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Thread: Hi-Hat Cymbals For Jazz

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    Hi, I am a novice drummer into jazz. I want to upgrade my cheap Hi-Hat cymbals for a decent pair. What would you recommend? (14"?) What makes of cymbals would be suitable mainly for a 'middle of the road' jazz style?---mainly American song book / Gypsy Jazz / Latin styles.

    Look forward to your experiences with Hi-Hat sound cymbals for jazz.

    Many thanks.

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    Zildian New Beats are probably the most common. They really work for just about everything, especially for a novice. Everything else is going to be whatever sounds best to you.

    You’re generally going to want something light and dry though. Some brands I like are Bosphorus, Istanbul and Meinl. These a ton of options out there but most of my hats are old mismatched 14” Zildjians. The lighter and dryer the better.

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    Beginner? First set of professional hats? Any! Anything professional will sound light years above what you have or as a novice will comprehend fully. If you don't like that answer then my recommendation is to get some Sabian Artisan hats.

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    I agree with EM. Zildjian New Beats are the most recorded hi hats for a reason. They sound great and work well for most types of music. As a novice drummer, you want to keep your options open to all styles. I have 4 pairs of hats including 13" and 14" New Beats, and the 14" New Beats are my go-to pair.

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