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Thread: Snare & Practice Pad Stands

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    Hi guys--novice beginner here. Your advice most welcome.

    a) I want to upgrade my cheap snare drum stand to a good quality stand. What makes are the good solid stands? What have you tried?
    b) Regarding a practice pad stand--your choice?
    c) Can you buy a combined snare / practice pad stand?
    d) I currently use an 8" practice pad--is it a good idea to go larger in size? Best makes of practice pad out there?

    Many thanks.

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    Any stand from of the major drum companies should work well for you.
    (Pearl, Yamaha, Gibraltar.....)

    Are you looking for a taller, concert style stand, or a lower drum set style stand?

    As for pads, I’ve always been partial to the real feel brand.

    You’re probably better off buying these items separately.

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    Default Re: Snare & Practice Pad Stands

    Hi -bongos-

    I am looking for a lower drum set style--very stable. Who makes the best stands out there?

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    There really isn’t a “best” stand out there. I’m partial to Pearl hardware, but it’s really not any better than anything else made by the major brands.

    The most heavy duty snare stand I’ve seen is the DW 9000 series, but that’s overkill in my opinion.

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